Nov 13, 2017

Why You Should Give to Heimlich Heroes™

Heimlich Heroes has served more than 90,000 kids across the United States since our start in 2013. Each and every one of our participants knows how to save a life!

Our mission is to eliminate preventable choking deaths by training as many people as possible. And, choking has a life-saving solution− the Heimlich Maneuver®!

Oct 30, 2017

How to Keep Kids Safe This Halloween

Candy, costumes, and family fun...Halloween is right around the corner and Heimlich Heroes™ wants to keep your loved ones safe. Check out our guidelines to a healthy, happy Halloween experience.

A Choke-Free Halloween:

According to the American…

Oct 04, 2017

Life-Saving Information You Should Know

Heimlich Heroes™ is dedicated to teaching people a life-saving technique: the Heimlich Maneuver®. Last month we told you what to do if you’re alone and choking. We were presented a question about what to do when other medical emergencies occur,…

Sep 07, 2017

What To Do When You’re Alone and Choking

Choking is a life-threatening event. Without the proper action serious consequences can occur. Heimlich Heroes™ trains people how to recognize, respond to and prevent a choking emergency. Our mission is to eliminate preventable choking deaths by preparing people for choking emergencies.

Imagine− you begin to choke; you can't breath, your lips start to turn blue and you're alone. Would you…

Aug 21, 2017

Sleep, Snacks, Carpools and Germs – Back to School We Go!

Do you ever feel like all you do once the school begins is drive your kids, check book bags, pack lunches, and try to get your kids to bed early enough so that they will be well rested the next day? You are not alone. Most parents feel the weight of this busy season. And, on top of that you want your kiddos to stay safe and healthy, avoid the flu, and have a fun and productive year of learning.