Feb 07, 2018

What Happens To Your Body When You Choke

Choking is a scary and serious experience. If you know and understand how your body works, it can help you recognize, respond to and prevent a choking emergency.

Jan 24, 2018

Heimlich Heroes™: A Case Study on Training Retention

n 2016 we collected data from participating schools. We wanted to confirm how well students of various ages were retaining the training information. After collecting and analyzing the data, over a three-month period, we published our research in a case study.

Jan 08, 2018

New Year, New Goals

Heimlich Heroes™ ended 2017 with a bang training more than 38,000 people in the Heimlich Maneuver®! We trained more than 17,000 participants in schools, 4,000+ Girl Scouts, 4,500 Boys and Girls Clubs members and many other groups across the nation.

Dec 20, 2017

Heimlich Heroes™ Year-End Review

What a year! We have worked hard to bring you more training options, lower costs, and a case study on program retention.

Dec 12, 2017

Everyday Hero: Emilee Wertz

Colleen Wertz heard about Heimlich Heroes in a Girl Scout Facebook group and decided to prepare her Brownie troop for a choking emergency.

She trained her troop of 14 second and third grade girls how to correctly perform the Heimlich Maneuver®.