Apr 17, 2020

How to Clean your Heimlich Heroes Training Dolls
Now more than ever (thank you COVID-19) we all are seeing the need for clean hands – and clean objects around us. My mom was a nurse and we lived on a farm. I remember many times when we’d be baking and mom would wipe down the counter space and the kitchen table and say, “If you’re going to help, you need to wash your hands first.”

Mar 16, 2020

Why We Are All So Concerned About THE Virus
Over the past couple months, you’ve been hearing more and more about the “Coronavirus”, or COVID-19. The impact has hit hard in many places across the world. It’s now crept into our personal circles here in the U.S.

Feb 27, 2020

Prep for a Car Emergency
Winter is the perfect time to learn how to respond in certain emergencies. For example, do you have a survival kit in your car in case you get stuck on the road, or the car breaks down with nothing close by?

Jan 20, 2020

Drum major, Navy man, chest surgeon, innovator - Celebrating the Life of Dr. Henry Heimlich

Henry Judah Heimlich was born on February 3, 1920. One hundred years later, his name is still associated with a number of critical medical inventions and benefits.

Of course, the Heimlich Maneuver® comes to mind as one of those benefits – we see “the Heimlich” depicted in movies and tv shows, or as a reference when our sports team comes up short. It's a brand, similar to asking for Kleenex…

Dec 23, 2019

Safety Keeps the Season Bright!
The holiday season is a great time to gather with family and celebrate, but it can be stressful. From shopping and wrapping presents, to travel and family gatherings – safety is not necessarily at the forefront of our minds.