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For more than 40 years, the Heimlich Maneuver® has been used to help save choking victims.  Heimlich Heroes™ is an interactive, educational program designed for kids ages seven and older. After this training, students will know: the signs of choking, how and when to respond with the Heimlich Maneuver, and ways to prevent or minimize the risk of choking.

We use an interactive approach to learning. Our video training is accompanied by age-appropriate note-taking tools. And kids LOVE the hands-on practice with our specially designed training dolls.

Interested in bringing this training to your school or organization? Everything you need to know and learn is on this website. 


You know how important this training is. You may not know:

  • Training is expanding across the nation, reaching growing numbers of children and adults, alike.
  • Our proven program touches countless teachers, club/organization leaders, school nurses, families, babysitters—and kids.
  • Schools, scouting organizations, after-school clubs, and pediatric nurses across the country are taking advantage of this great opportunity. Training empowers kids in their community with this life-saving information.
  • Training is so successful, demand has increased 2,000% in just the last three years!
  • Lives are being saved, as a result!

Our goal now is “keepin’ it free”, so ANYONE can learn to save a life and prevent a choking death. That’s where YOU come in.

Imagine if everyone who has led training, worked on the program—or just plain loves our mission—were to get involved. Donate, become a Fundraiser, or lead a training today!

We’re inspiring a new generation of kids. Won’t you join us?

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