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As you know, Heimlich Heroes™ is a program of the Deaconess Associations Foundation. The program has taught many how to recognize the signs of choking and respond with the Heimlich Maneuver®. As with many organizations, Heimlich Heroes (with our audience of schools and after-school organizations) has been greatly impacted by COVID-19.

See this message from our Foundation's Executive Chair:

Over the past year, and particularly with the pandemic impact, the Deaconess Foundation has evaluated its programs and strategies. As a result of that evaluation process, Heimlich Heroes support and accessibility will be modified to all virtual.

Since 2013, when Heimlich Heroes™ began, the program has trained over 220,000 people and saved lives. We expect benefits to continue under the virtual training support. In addition to this support, the Deaconess Foundation will focus on access to primary healthcare needs—especially for those suffering most during this catastrophic year.

It’s never easy to modify a long-term, valued program. Heimlich Heroes has enjoyed an excellent reputation, successfully trained thousands, and provided a legacy of service . As the program changes, the Deaconess Foundation celebrates Heimlich Heroes’ past and future work. We thank everyone who has been involved with supporting, advocating, promoting, and sustaining the program.

Tony Woods
Executive Chairman
Deaconess Associations Foundation

Anyone Can be a Heimlich Hero

Everyone can learn the Heimlich Maneuver, regardless of size and strength. Some learn from a training program, others by studying a poster. Click here to learn more about our hero program.

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Training for Kids

Designed for grades 1-7, kids learn the Heimlich Maneuver steps and how to save a life.

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Training for Teens & Adults

Expanded training materials teach students grades 8-adult to properly perform the Heimlich Maneuver.

Stories of Everyday Heroes

Our heroes come in all shapes, sizes and ages. But they all step up in a choking emergency.

A Distinguished History

Developed by the late Dr. Henry Heimlich, over 40 years ago, the Heimlich Maneuver® has saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Since 2013, when Heimlich Heroes began, we've trained more than 100,000 people. This lifesaving training is offered – at a minimal charge to you – through support from Deaconess Associations, Inc.

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