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Oct 06, 2020

Heimlich Heroes™ in the Time of Coronavirus

Third in a Blog Series: Learning for Every Level

Schools across the country have considered different approaches, as students return to class this fall. Districts have worked diligently, figuring out the best possible way to keep students and staff safe, healthy, and engaged during the next school year. 

Always aligning with schools and communities, Heimlich Heroes™ constantly enhances and improves our life-saving content. This year we offer three training options to accommodate every school’s reopening approach:

  • Blended/Hybrid. If there’s limited access to in-class participation (alternating in-class days), you can break the training into two sessions. Online training modules support virtual learning. Training can then continue with hands-on practice as kids return to class.
  • Virtual. As schools re-open or at some point return to virtual-only learning, students can learn the Heimlich Maneuver® through online training modules.
  • In-class. For students attending physical classrooms all five days of the academic week, traditional training is always available.

Heimlich Heroes training may be a welcome virtual and/or in-class lesson. During training, students and staff can take a break and focus on the easy-to-learn Heimlich Maneuver. And the hands-on practice makes it fun, learning the lesson that lasts a lifetime!

Advantages in Three Levels of Learning

To offer three training programs, we’ve made some beneficial changes. Our best practices indicate changes in grades—more age-appropriate—better serve students. For example, virtual lessons aren’t available to first graders. The paper lessons are challenging enough for first graders, as they require much individual attention, monitoring and support—difficult in an online medium.

When you register for our training, the Getting Started Packet  allows you to choose your age/language.

  • Lessons for Individual Learning. Interactive virtual learning lessons:
    • Kids, grades 2-3
    • Kids, grades 4-7
    • Teens, grades 8-12
    • Parents/staff/adult volunteers
  • Lessons in a Group Setting. Paper notes with a DVD lesson:
    • Grades 1-7, English
    • Grades 1-7, Spanish

Let’s Get Started, Virtually

When you register your students for virtual learning, order one lesson per student. (That way we can count how many are being trained.) Click on the description to see images of the materials.

Assign our virtual learning lesson and introduce it, using the leaders' script. Students then log-on through the link and move through the lesson at their own pace.

This 20-30-minute lesson is engagingly interactive as it integrates our:

  • Narrated training video
  • Flipbook graphics
  • Short quiz-like knowledge checks
  • Final graded quiz (kids need 80% to pass). Students will enter your email address and you’ll receive the results of their quiz. The results allow you to revisit any specific parts of the lesson.
  • There are printable certificates for each student with a passing grade. Just type in each name and print.

As students move through the lesson, they’ll need:

  • Their own device (at home or in the classroom) with internet access or access to the computer lab, and
  • Earphones or earbuds if they're around others who are working.

Classroom Follow-Through

As students return to the classroom, review the quiz questions as a group. Then move into the hands-on practice with the training dolls if you’ve purchased them. Reinforce the steps to follow when someone is choking:

  • ASK the person if they are choking
  • SHOUT for someone specific to go call 9-1-1
  • BEGIN the Heimlich Maneuver
  • STOP once the object is dislodged
  • Tell the person to GO to the doctor to get checked out

This year, of all years, challenges teachers, parents, school nurses, and students, alike. Even though learning may be required on several levels, Heimlich Heroes remains committed to our mission. And equally committed to offering lessons that align with your school’s approach.

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