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Oct 03, 2019

Which Student Materials Are Best for Your Group?

When considering which materials to order for your training, it is best to consider the resources at your disposal and the amount of people that will be attendance.  We have designed our program to work well in a variety of formats. You always receive a leader’s packet with best practices and a script to guide the training. Today, we will look at the different student materials we supply for the lesson, in some detail.

Paper Materials and DVD

We have age-appropriate paper materials for:

  • Kids (grades 1-3) English and Spanish
  • Kids (grades 4-7) English and Spanish

These materials are a great choice for groups where kids do not have individual access to their own computer, laptop, or tablet with the internet. Most afterschool groups fit into this category. With paper materials, you will watch the video on DVD or stream from our YouTube channel and the kids will follow along using the (Paper) notetaking tools we provide. This part of the lesson should take about 20- 30 minutes, depending on the note-taking abilities of the students.

(Digital) Web-based Lessons

We’ve recently added web-based versions of our program:

  • Kids (grades 1-3) English
  • Kids (grades 4-7) English

When using the digital materials, each student will need headphones or earbuds and ACCESS TO THEIR OWN DEVICE and the INTERNET. The lessons are self-paced and should take about the same amount of time as the previous version (i.e. 20-30 minutes).

Basically, we took our paper tools and our video and combined into a web-based lesson with some knowledge checks along the way and a final graded quiz.

Those in the younger grades will have the questions and answer choices narrated. Those in the older grades will have only the questions narrated and their answer choices will be randomized.

So, if every student has a device or you have access to a computer lab, this is a great option for your group. Students could also complete the online training beforehand at home or in the computer lab at school (their quiz results are sent to the teacher/leader via email), which allows the leader to follow-up at another time with hands-on training using our specially designed dolls.

Digital Grades 7-12

For grade 7 you can use the materials we have already discussed or use the Teen and Adult version which is geared toward those in grades 8-12, Adult Staff, Volunteers, and Parents.

Here you will email each participant the pdf notes handout and then watch the video together as a group. 

Of course, all lessons can be followed by hands-on practice with our specially designed training dolls. When the Heimlich Maneuver is performed properly, a piece of foam “food” will “pop” from the mouth. This makes learning fun for all ages!

No matter which materials you decide to use, we can assure you that everyone in your group will walk away confident in their ability to be a HEIMLICH HERO!!!