Heimlich Heroes Blog


May 02, 2019


The best part about the Heimlich Heroes™ training program - besides the fact that it saves lives, of course - is that it can be taught anywhere, at any time!

Summer camps want to keep kids entertained while also providing education and fun. That’s also what Heimlich Heroes is all about.

Heimlich Heroes is an interactive, fun and educational program for kids in grades 1-7. It teaches kids how to recognize, respond to and prevent a choking emergency. And it only takes an hour.

This training kit can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and be administered by any adult, making it easy and accessible for summer camps. Everything camp leaders need to know for a successful training is outlined in our Getting Started Packet. That means, no extra work!

“The program was great!” said camp leader, S. Tootle. “I did it with my camp children.  We had 40 children take part in the program. The kids really enjoyed it.”

With age-appropriate workbooks in English and Spanish, the program is a great fit for all kids. After a short video and guided notes, kids can get hands-on experience performing the Heimlich Maneuver® on our specially-designed training dolls.

The Heimlich dolls are the most talked about portion of our program. Kids love them, adults love them…everyone loves them! When the maneuver is performed correctly on the dolls, a piece of foam food pops out of the doll’s mouth.

“The doll really is the cherry on top!” said program leader, L. White. “It gives hand on experience to make sure the kids truly understand the Heimlich Maneuver. The whole program was amazing and beneficial for not only the kids but parents too!”

The Heimlich Heroes program takes a serious emergency and makes it fun and easy to learn exactly what to do in that situation. And, lives are being saved! It is educational, accessible and appropriate for those in 2nd – 8th grade. Kids are able and capable… show them how to save a life!

Give your summer campers a lesson that will last a lifetime! Register for the Heimlich Heroes training program, without delay.

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