Heimlich Heroes Blog


Mar 05, 2019

Will Smith’s Heimlich Hero™ Story

Imagine this:

You’re leaning against your car enjoying the fresh McDonald’s you just ordered. Your brother is scarfing down his McRib sandwich behind you in the car. Suddenly, you feel a thud on your back. You turn around to see your brother gagging and motioning that he is choking. You start to panic and immediately move to help.

Luckily, in the recesses your memory you recall exactly what to do: The Heimlich Maneuver®.

Just like that, you have saved the life of your brother.

Things like this happen to everyone, no matter your station in life. This was the story of Will Smith and his brother Harry.

Will Smith tells of how he used the Heimlich Maneuver in an awesome tribute to Dr. Henry Heimlich’s 99th Anniversary on Instagram.

He recounts the story in a combination of narration and a fun animation including the “spirit” of Dr. Heimlich reminding him in a disembodied voice “Use the Heimlich Will!”

“Happy Birthday Dr. Heimlich. You actually saved my brother’s life” he adds.

This story helps emphasize how important it is for everyone to be prepared in ant situation to save a choking victim, no matter your age or your status. Are you ready to be a Heimlich Hero if you see someone in need of rescue?