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Apr 18, 2018

Summer Camps and the Heimlich Maneuver®

The best part about the Heimlich Heroes™ training program - besides the fact that it saves lives, of course - is that it can be taught anywhere, at any time!

Summer camps want to keep kids entertained while also providing education and fun. That’s also what Heimlich Heroes is all about.

This training kit can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and be administered by any adult, making it easy and accessible for summer camps. Everything camp leaders need to know for a successful training is outlined in our Getting Started Packet. That means, no extra work!

“The program was great!” said camp leader, S. Tootle. “I did it with my camp children. We had 40 children take part in the program. The kids really enjoyed it.”

Heimlich Heroes for Kids is designed for grades 1-7. Heimlich Heroes for Teens and Adults is designed for grades 8 and older. These specially designed programs are perfect for summer camp staff AND all ages of camp attendees.

Our program is fun, educational, and life-saving…plus it only takes one hour! The hands on practice with our training dolls are the cherry on top. These specially engineered dolls allow participants to practice on a life-sized doll. Only when the Heimlich Maneuver is done in the proper position, will a piece of foam “food” be expelled from the doll’s mouth.

School is almost over, and summer will be here before we know it ? now is the perfect time to register your summer camp and begin planning!

Give your campers a lesson that will last a lifetime! Register for the Heimlich Heroes training program, without delay.

To learn more and register your summer camp, visit our website today!