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Mar 19, 2018

Have a Choke-Free Easter!

Easter is right around the corner, and you know what that means...Jelly Beans, mini egg shaped candies, and Easter basket toys galore! But with little kids in the house these fun traditions can be a dangerous choking hazard.

Follow these guidelines this Easter to keep your kids safe:

What to look for when you're picking toys:

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) monitors and regulates toys made in and imported into the United States. These safety standards are in place for a reason - use them to keep your kids safe.

  • Most toys have age guidelines. Check the age label on toys to make sure they are appropriate for your child. Toys for older kids often include small pieces that young children can choke on.
  • According to, toys for younger kids should be at least 1¼ inches wide and 2¼ inches long so they cannot be swallowed.
  • Avoid marbles, coins, and games with small pieces.
  • Batteries can cause serious internal damage to children if swallowed. Choose toys with secure battery locations.
  • Check toys for sharp points, and loose parts (buttons, wheels, etc.).
  • Provide containers for toys with small pieces for your older kids so they don't accidentally get into the hands of younger children.

Choosing sweet and safe treats:

Easter is a time to enjoy classic candies like Jelly Beans, Peeps, and mini egg shaped chocolates. Sweet treats can savored at any age, but choose candy age appropriate candy to prevent choking.

  • Have your kids eat their treats sitting down. Running and playing can increase chances of choking.
  • Jelly Beans might not be a suitable treat for younger children. Swap out these little candies for Puffs (good for Toddlers), or larger candy bars they can take bites from.
  • Cut treats in half, like mini egg shaped candies, that could get stuck in airways.
  • Have a trash bag handy for wrappers so nothing is left behind for young kids to find.

Hunting for Easter eggs:

If you have kids there is a good chance you will be having an Easter egg hunt this year. Whether it is big or small, inside your house, or in your backyard, creating a map could keep young kids safe.

If you have infants and toddlers in your home they could find those lingering eggs and choke on the candy inside.

Draw up a simple map of your yard or house and mark a dot where you place an egg. After the hunt, make sure nothing is left behind for young children to get a hand on.

By planning ahead to minimize risk factors for choking, you can worry a little less about your kids. Follow age guidelines on toys, choose age appropriate candy, and most importantly, use your best judgment to keep choking hazards away from your children this Easter.