Heimlich Heroes Blog


Dec 12, 2017

American Heritage Girls Adult Training

In honor of Heimlich Heroes week American Heritage Girls corporate office trained their staff using our Teen and Adult program!

Kristi Tatro, National Director of Girl Impact, spearheaded the training to set an example for their members and community.

“We wanted to set an example for our membership that learning this valuable skill could save lives,” said Tatro. “There is great value for members to learn this important skill. Not only can girls learn to help those around them, but they also learn how to set the example for their local community.”

AHG staff members went through the Heimlich Heroes Teen and Adult training using our new training video and note-taking tool. They finished out the training with hands on practice with the Heimlich dolls.

“We felt it was easier than we had anticipated,” said Tatro. The hands-on method was incredibly helpful. We finally got to experience what many of our members have and should experience.”

Tatro said, “AHG highly endorses and encourages this program. It’s easy and fun to learn!”

Your organization can learn more and register for the Teen and Adult program here.