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Jun 05, 2017

Keep Summer Fun and Safe for Kids

Summertime is fun time for kids. It often means parks, pools, sports and friends. But even in the summer fun, emergencies can occur.

To keep your kids safe this summer, you need to be prepared in any situation, and you should know the proper safety information and procedures for a variety of scenarios.

How prepared are you for summer safety? Check out the following questions and answers to find out ? and be sure to review this information with your children:

1. It's a humid 90° summer day. Joey and Katie are playing soccer in the backyard. To keep them from feeling lightheaded, dizzy or nauseous they should drink WATER how often?

A) Every Hour
B) Every 45 minutes
C) Every 20 minutes

Correct Answer: C) Every 20 minutes

Kids should never feel thirsty during activities. Especially when kids are out in extreme heat, they should break every 20 minutes to drink water and cool off if they are feeling overheated. To read more about heat stress click here.

2. True or False: Metal slides are better than plastic slides.

Correct Answer: False

Metal slides are not better than plastic slides. In the summer heat, metal slides can get very hot and burn a child's hands and legs. Check that the equipment isn't too hot for kids before the playing begins. Read more about playground safety here.

3. Jane and Kevin are having a picnic with the neighborhood kids. Jane makes a funny joke and Kevin laughs while chewing his sandwich? he begins to choke. What do you do?

A) Begin CPR
B) Begin the Heimlich Maneuver®
C) Slap Kevin's back to try and dislodge the sandwich

Correct Answer: B) Begin the Heimlich Maneuver

The Heimlich Maneuver is the quickest, most effective way to help someone who is choking. Slapping the back will often cause the obstruction to get lodged even further down the windpipe and should not be used on a choking victim. A first-aid training class should be taken to learn life-saving skills like the Heimlich Maneuver. Train yourself, your kids, your neighbors, and students with the Heimlich Heroes™ program by registering online. You can also watch this short Heimlich Heroes training video.

4. What is the best way to prevent a water accident or drowning?

A) Never leave children unattended in or near water
B) Build a fence around your pool or block off a water area
C) Put children in a life vest

Correct Answer: A) Never leave children unattended in or near water

While a fence or gate blocking a pool or water area is a great idea, and while it's always recommended to have children who cannot swim in a floating device, the BEST way to prevent an accident is to closely supervise kids in or near water. Never leave kids alone around water. Being close at all times allows you to intervene before a life-threatening situation occurs. You can learn more about water and pool safety here.

5. Suzy was riding her bike and fell off onto a rock. She has a cut on her knee and it is bleeding. What do you do?

A) Rub some dirt on it
B) Apply pressure until the bleeding stops
C) Take her to the hospital right away

Correct Answer: B) Apply pressure until the bleeding stops

Apply pressure to the wound until the bleeding stops. Then, gently clean the cut and apply antibacterial ointment before placing a bandage over the wound. If the bleeding continues, the wound might need stiches. Read more about treating cuts and knowing when stiches are needed here.

To increase your confidence and knowledge you can signup for a first-aid training class near you. To learn more about how you can become trained to teach young children the Heimlich Maneuver, visit

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