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Heimlich Heroes is a non-profit organization on a mission. We prepare young people to recognize and respond to a choking emergency. To date, we’ve trained over 153,000 people! Our aim is to eliminate preventable choking deaths.

We rely on one-time, ongoing and monthly donations to keep us growing, distributing knowledge and information, and making a difference. For us, every dollar counts. Heimlich Heroes training continues to expand materials, streamline user processes, and apply digital technology. All with an eye toward keeping the program affordable for everyone.

Every Heimlich Hero Has a Story
Everyday Heroes share a common bond: someone saved a choking victim using the Heimlich Maneuver®. We’ve listed, below, stories and information that highlight just how important our mission has become—and how critical your support is.

Every Dollar Counts
All donations make a difference, and we put every dollar to work. For example, your support can fund:
  • $5/month provides a Heimlich Maneuver® poster to 12 schools each year.  (10 donors needed)
  • $15/month provides training materials to 2 classrooms each month. (5 donors needed)
  • $25/month allows us to provide 2 training dolls to an underserved classroom each year. (5 donors needed)

Donations add up—to training kids and saving lives.

Everyday Hero Stories

Your gifts have direct impact, for stories like these.

A Sister Saves the Day!
Sisters, Mariana, 11, and Gabriela, 9, learned the Heimlich Maneuver® from a Heimlich Heroes training event with their American Heritage Girls’ troop.

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A Friend to the Rescue
Fourth grade classmates Mariyah and Ryan received Heimlich Heroes training at Taylors Creek Elementary School. One day, Ryan choked on a chunk of bread at lunch. Ryan indicated he was choking by pointing to his neck. Mariyah asked him if he was choking, walked around the table and performed the Heimlich Maneuver.

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Emergency at Lunch!
Carter was just a kid having lunch with his friend, when a life-threatening emergency happened.

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Right Time, Right Training
With a generous donation, George Pierce also shared his story:

While our family was eating dinner, my 12-year-old son got up and went into the kitchen. He got a glass of water which I thought was very unusual. I never see him drink water without being told. Well, he took a drink, immediately grabbed his throat, and ran to me.

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Heimlich Heroes™ Campaign
Your gift helps support our continued outreach—training kids, teens and adults. Learning how to properly perform the Heimlich Maneuver® prepares everyone for a choking emergency. Anyone can be a Heimlich Hero!

Please give generously. Your life may depend on it.

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Every donation has impact. Your gift makes a difference!

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