Leader Packet

Grades 2-3, 4-7 (English) Virtual Learning

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Your Partnership

Your partnership with Heimlich Heroes is highly valued and appreciated! We are thankful that you have placed such high priority on health and safety training.

With this training, your participants will be prepared to help if they see someone choking in real life.

The combination of the following allows students to gain the confidence and skills needed to “become the hero” in this emergency:

  • go through the interactive virtual lesson that is appropriate for the age
  • practice with our specially designed training dolls (if previously purchased)

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Take 20 Minutes to Prepare

(Don't Skip the Prep) 

To ensure consistency in the training, it's critical that you use the Leader's Script in its entirety as provided.

During this time you'll also need to go through the student's virtual lesson below so you will know what your students will experience. If you have previously purchased the training dolls, be sure to read through the tips below.

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Extra Info 

Virtual Lesson and Certificate of Completion