Heimlich Heroes Blog


Jun 19, 2019

Fireworks, Backyard BBQ’s & Summer Safety

Get ready for fireworks, backyard barbecues and summer fun because 4th of July celebrations are right around the corner! Heimlich Heroes wants you to stay safe this holiday, check out these safety tips so the fun never has to stop!

Fight the Heat: July is a blazing summer month and you could be at risk for sunburn, heat stroke, or dehydration without the proper care.

  • Time flies when you're having fun so set a reminder to apply sunscreen every hour
  • Keep water close by to hydrate often
  • Wear a hat to keep cool and protect your head from the sun

Fireworks & Sparklers Do's and Don'ts: According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of 230 people go to the emergency room every day around the 4th of July with firework-related injuries, and %50 of the injuries are burns.

  • Do follow the directions and use as intended
  • Don't give to small children
  • Do keep a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and hose close by
  • Don't point them at yourself or others
  • Do check for heat before disposing of used fireworks to prevent a fire

Water Activity Reminders: Playing in the water is a great way to have fun and keep cool this holiday weekend. Stay safe with these reminders.

  • Review water rules with kids
  • Don't dive headfirst, protect your neck
  • Supervise kids at all times to prevent drowning
  • Water in garden hoses can reach scalding temperatures, check before use

Prevent choking: Decorations, food, balloons, and fireworks are all choking hazards for the 4th of July. Take precautions to keep your kids and guests safe.


  • Learn the Heimlich Maneuver®
  • Cut food into small bites for young kids- especially round foods
  • Keep small decorations, firework debris, balloons, and any other choking hazards away from small kids
  • No food or drinks on the playground or water activities
  • No running or goofing around while eating