Heimlich Heroes Blog


Oct 02, 2018

Change for Good: Introducing Our Digital Interactive Learning Module

In today's fast-paced world, sometimes it seems like changes are made just for the sake of change. When Heimlich Heroes™ makes changes, however, there are always good reasons why. So, why are we upgrading how you can receive our program? Several reasons:

  • Our Mission. Preparing people to recognize and respond to a choking emergency with the Heimlich Maneuver®.
  • Your Experience. We want your experience—from ordering materials to giving the training—to be easy, enjoyable, and tailored to your needs. 
  • Keeping Costs Down. Ensuring Heimlich Heroes is available for everyone, it’s critical to keep streamlining your costs and ours. 

Going forward, you’ll have a choice in receiving Heimlich Heroes materials. You can continue to order training paper notes/DVD, at a nominal cost. Or you can take advantage of our newest order option: the Digital Interactive Learning Module—at no cost to you. Our new training module provides the same excellent information, but in a more dynamic, interactive format. Additionally, downloading the module eliminates the need for DVDs and paper printing.

Our Interactive Learning Module is now available for grades 1-7, English only. In our four-year pilot we have found that kindergarteners and first graders, while benefitting, have had some difficulty with comprehension and often lack strength to perform the hands-on practice. We’re sensitive to these early learning challenges. And remind those leaders to spend a little extra time with these students so they can gain the understanding and confidence they need to make this a lasting lesson.

Launch the School Year with a Life-Saving Lesson

Our most recent enhancements coincide with the new school year. We’ll continue launching for all age groups, in both English and Spanish, as they become available.

Changing and updating our order system and distribution processes are large undertakings for us. But we’re committed to our mission, your entire experience and keeping costs down.