Heimlich Heroes Blog


Feb 21, 2018

Heimlich Heroes™ Offers Additional Training Materials and Resources

Heimlich Heroes is more than just training dolls and note taking tools. We offer many supplemental items for free and for purchase to set you up for success.

To make the most of your training event we suggest using our resource page for additional activities. After you register you will receive an email with a link to our FREE online resource page. Here you will find quick guides, choking anatomy information, posters, station style activities, hero stories and a webinar.

Not only do we offer these resources but we have a store full of additional training materials for purchase. Products like, bookmarks and wristbands are perfect for kids to take home or carry around to remember the maneuver.

Training your participants is great? but don’t stop there? add a poster to your organization!

Heimlich Heroes posters are an easy and inexpensive way to bring awareness to the Heimlich Maneuver®. Hanging Heimlich Heroes posters in your school, office, or youth organization can save a life. The best part ? our posters are currently only $5!!!

Being able to see how to perform the maneuver can be lifesaving when in a choking situation. One Supervisor of Health Services, from a school district in Virginia, used our training for staff and high school students and decided to place posters in their schools.

“It is important for the students to be aware and to be reminded of the importance of knowing the correct technique,” said the supervisor.

She then ordered more than 20 posters to place in cafeterias, gyms and clinics in the district.

“It is an easy way to introduce students to safely assisting choking victims,” the supervisor reflected. “And, the students seemed to enjoy looking and learning from the posters.

Check out all our additional training materials in our store. Register your group and place your order today!