Heimlich Heroes Blog


Jan 24, 2018

Heimlich Heroes™: A Case Study on Training Retention

Heimlich Heroes is happy to present our first case study!

In 2016 we collected data from participating schools. We wanted to confirm how well students of various ages were retaining the training information. After collecting and analyzing the data, over a three-month period, we published our research in a case study.

The purpose of our case study on retention is to show customers, like you, the benefit of using our training program. Before going through the Heimlich Heroes training, only 22% of our case study participants knew the correct first action when there's a choking victim.

Three months after the training, 91% of case study participants remembered the correct first action! This kind of data is important to share with our users so they know our program produces real results.

Although this is our first case study, we will continue to bring you studies on various topics to ensure accountability and transparency, inform and inspire and to legitimize our training advocacy.

Our case study on retention is available as a summary or full study version for your convenience. You can view the case study and its data here.