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Jan 08, 2018

New Year, New Goals

Heimlich Heroes™ ended 2017 with a bang training more than 38,000 people in the Heimlich Maneuver®! We trained more than 17,000 participants in schools, 4,000+ Girl Scouts, 4,500 Boys and Girls Clubs members and many other groups across the nation. Thank you to our loyal leaders for bringing our program to your organizations!

Our mission is to train people of all ages how to recognize, respond to and prevent a choking emergency. To do that, we have two training programs: Heimlich Heroes: for Teens and Adults and Heimlich Heroes: for Kids.

This year, our goal is to train 50,000 people how to save a life! We’re off to a great start with more than 2,500 people already registered!

Over the course of the past four years we have worked hard to bring our users efficient training programs. We have easy to use training programs with comprehensive directions and numerous additional training items available in our store.

Now that our programs are in place, our focus turns to other important aspects of our organization. Check out our goals for 2018:

  • Update Website: Our new website will feature clear communication and easy navigation. You will have easy access to all the information you need.
  • Develop digital materials: We want our content to be mobile friendly and easier for you to access, download, and print.
  • Engage with more schools: Although our program can be used in almost any environment, our primary focus is seeing schools repeat the training in the same grade each year. We will be reaching into untapped school markets.

Help us reach our goal in 2018 and register your group today!

You can follow our progress, successes and find out exciting news and information on our website, Facebook page, or blog.