Introducing Heimlich Heroes™ Training for Teens and Adults

Our Program is Growing Up!

Just like our children, Heimlich Heroes is growing up. Since 2013, when Heimlich Heroes began, we’ve trained more than 80,000 young people. Kids are knowledgeable and confident in a choking emergency! Complementing Heimlich Heroes™ for kids, our Teens and Adults program is designed for 8th grade-adults.

Teens and Adults training materials were developed to meet growing demand: teaching even greater numbers how to properly perform the Heimlich Maneuver®. All materials, including video, note taking tools and posters, are aimed at teens and adults.

This advanced Heimlich Heroes is perfect for high school classes; an excellent complement to CPR training. Additionally, you can train high school students, and then have them assist in training younger students. Schools have used high school EMT/CNA students to help lead trainings with younger participants.

Other adult groups and organizations can benefit, including your school and club staff, parents, grandparents, food workers, and more.

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