Children are Saving Lives Through the Heimlich Heroes Program

A Lesson in Saving Lives

Over 86,000 students have gone through the Heimlich Heroes training program, to date*. Deaconess Associations, Inc. (DAI) specifically designed Heimlich Heroes to train all people how to do the Heimlich Maneuver. Initially launched in 2011 to teach sixth grade students, the program is educationally based and was aligned to the common core curriculum.  2013 then brought changes to the format of the core lesson which allowed us to extend the program to those in 2nd grade or above.  Following the Heimlich Heroes training students know how to: recognize when someone is choking, prevent/minimize the risk of choking, and become confident to step in and save a life. 


Schools Train Potential “Super Heroes”

Thousands of people, each year, are saved through this life-saving technique. Schools across the nation are completing the program and developing potential Super Heroes in the classroom.



*data as of December 2015