Kids Can Become Super Heroes, too!

Who is your favorite super hero?

Do you like Batman? Spiderman? Wonder Woman? Superman?

You don’t need “super powers” to become a Heimlich “Super Hero”. When you learn the Heimlich maneuver, you can save someone’s life. When someone is choking, you can go from hanging out to becoming a Heimlich Hero, after you learn how to:

  • Recognize when someone is choking
  • Respond if a person is in trouble
  • Prevent the risk of choking

Anyone Can be a Heimlich Hero

Heimlich Heroes training is made just for kids. It can be taught in your classroom, a group or your favorite club. You’ll learn the Heimlich maneuver, which can save someone’s life if they are choking.

The training is really cool and fun to learn. And you’ll get to practice the Heimlich maneuver on “Heidi” or “Hank” Heimlich. They are special training dolls, with an internal diaphragm, lungs, and a windpipe. You’ll enjoy the training, and learn something very important—how to save a life.

Ask your parents or teachers about learning Heimlich Heroes training. Someday, you might become a Heimlich Super Hero!