The Heimlich Institute and Deaconess Associations, Inc. Partner to Save Lives

The Heimlich Institute: Benefiting Humanity Through Health and Peace

In June 1998, The Heimlich Institute became a member of Deaconess Associations, Inc. (DAI). The partnership helps advance and promote the mission and vision of The Heimlich Institute. Founded in New York in the 1960s, The Heimlich Institute moved to Cincinnati 30 years ago. The Institute continues to support educational efforts. Dr. Heimlich is the current president of The Heimlich Institute.

About Dr. Heimlich

Heimlichs Maneuvers - My Seventy Years of Lifesaving Innovation by Dr. Henry HeimlichDr. Henry J. Heimlich is a thoracic surgeon and medical innovator. He is best known for developing the Heimlich Maneuver to save the lives of choking victims. His storied medical career demonstrates many additional achievements. His recently published book, Heimlich's Maneuvers: My Seventy Years of Lifesaving Innovation, tells his story, in his own words. 

About DAI

DAI began as Deaconess Hospital of Cincinnati, Ohio—an acute care facility founded in 1888. DAI was formed in 1986 to provide a diversified portfolio of healthcare services.  It has a rich history of providing healthcare services throughout the country.

Responding to today's challenging healthcare environment, DAI is investing its expertise and resources in creating a delivery model that will fundamentally:

  • Inspire continuity of care
  • Refine efficiency
  • Reduce costs

DAI is focused on the consumer's desire for simplified care and independence, improving patient outcomes in lower cost settings. The organization captures opportunities that require lower capital, are self-sustaining, and employ technology and collaboration to better care.

Through Heimlich Heroes, The Heimlich Institute and DAI are inspiring an entirely new generation of young people. Children can readily accept their own importance in society. Even without capes and x-ray vision, kids understand their power to become a “Super Hero”.