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Could You Save Someone Who's Choking?

These Posters Tell You How 

Did you know brain damage can occur in four minutes without oxygen, and the average 911 response time is eleven minutes? Making sure your employees know the Heimlich Maneuver can save lives in your restaurant or place of business.
Posters teach everyone the proper technique. Buy yours today!

Poster A

Heimlich maneuver choking safety poster

12"x17" or 18"x24" full color, glossy, heavy weight paper – Yellow

Poster B

18”x24” full color, glossy, heavy weight paper - Blue

Poster C

11"x17" full color, glossy medium weight paper


State Regulations

Compliance for Florida and other states indicates that all public places serving ready-to-eat food, must display a choking safety poster. This includes restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, resorts, theme parks, cruise ships and more.

And, even if your state doesn’t have this regulation, it just makes sense to have a poster available for employees to view.

Be a hero and buy a poster! You could save a life!  


"I saw the safety procedure on the door at the Dairy Queen and remembered the illustrations on the poster."

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(1-4) Posters – $25 each
(5-9) Posters – $20 each
(10-24) Posters – $15 each
(25-50) Posters – $10 each

Need more than 50? Contact us for best pricing.


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