Imagine if everyone who has led our training, worked on Heimlich Heroes™—or just plain loves our mission—were to make a one-time or ongoing donation. What a difference that would make!

Our current project is to create digital training materials for our English ($10,000), Spanish ($12,000), and Teen and Adult ($8,000) programs. We know using technology reaches more people with less cost to them and to us.

Will you help us reach this goal? Your generous one-time or monthly donation makes all the difference!





Donations Make a Difference

You know how important this training is. You may not know:  

  • We’re expanding across the nation, reaching growing numbers of children and adults, alike.
  • Schools, scouting organizations, after-school clubs, healthcare professionals and pediatric nurses across the country take advantage of this great opportunity. Training empowers kids and adults in their community with this life-saving information.
  • Training is so successful, demand continues to grow!
  • Lives are being saved, as a result!
Won't You Join Us?

Our goal is to keep this program affordable, so anyone can learn to save a life and prevent a choking death. We rely on your generosity. 

We’re inspiring a new generation of kids with this life-saving technique. Won’t you join us? Donate today – the fact is, YOU could save a life!

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