Schools Can Save Lives, Teaching a Life-Saving Technique

The Heimlich Heroes program is educationally based to teach young people how to do the Heimlich maneuver. It was created by Deaconess Associations, Inc. (DAI), with support from The Heimlich Institute. Developed in 2011 to teach sixth grade students, several schools and over 500 students have completed the program.

Through Heimlich Heroes training, students will recognize when someone is choking, and become confident to step in and save a life. Additionally, they will learn how to prevent and minimize the risk of choking.

Heimlich Heroes believes anyone can save a life. Aimed at teaching children, and historically successful, the program is well-designed and effective. Otherwise, young people may not learn about this method until high school, if at all.

Lesson Plan Engagement, Interaction and Fun!

Teachers enjoy this program, as much as students enjoy learning it. Heimlich Heroes is a lesson that students remember for a lifetime. Additionally, it is designed by teachers for teachers, providing a platform for science/health teachers to incorporate math, language arts, and STEM activities. 

“Heidi” and “Hank” Heimlich are our specially designed training dolls, which allow students to get hands-on practice. They feature an internal diaphragm, lungs, and a windpipe. Functional training models help illustrate the mechanics of the Heimlich maneuver. Students gain confidence and have fun learning the Heimlich maneuver with these dolls.

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"The students were all commenting at the end of the day how much they enjoyed the training. I think it was empowering and confidence-building. Thank you so much for making this possible for my students."- Lisa W., sixth grade health/science teacher, St. Ursula Villa